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Where The Night Sky Begins

This poem, Where The Night Sky Begins, was written while walking the beach at twilight. For most people, the show to watch is the sun setting in the west over the Gulf with all the brilliant colors and designs.

I however, am drawn to the later show of light fading into twilight then dimming into darkness. The way the wall of darkness rolls in like a blanket covering the sky always amazes me. Perhaps to me a metaphor for the passage of time each day, and the fading of our own light.

Only to be surprised and resurrected by the sudden appearance of stars, slowly at first, then full out starlight so bright. In my viewing of this evening drama, I lose my personal boundary and find myself merging with the landscape of the night sky.

Experiencing the oneness with the newly appeared star lights, I wonder, is there a deeper connection here that is as yet unknown to me? Or is it simply my desire to fly among the stars?

Are we in our ancient selves perhaps star beings visiting earth remembering our original source? Or is it simply the beauty of the night sky that holds us spellbound.

Where the night sky begins I fly

To race the darkness as it rolls across the pale

The blue disappears

As the curtain of charcoal gray overwhelms

Shyly at first, then full on with its ego eclipsing

The now retreating aspect of the soul’s daytime show.

A star peeks out from the curtain of gray now black.

More stars appear, curious to discover

Who has come to see the evening show.

Longing to participate, I reach up only with my mind

Finding myself hooked in, caught, trapped

By the sparkle, the shine of the star itself

I neglected to recognize that I had now become one.

Looking out I noticed my body

Had remained and the lightness I felt

Inside was simply that

My own brand of starlight.

Trying to hide, the spotlight only grew

And soon shown back upon my earthly self

Who also tried to hide.

One by one the rays merge

And the beam of light holds fast.

I have connected. The Star and Me.

The Star is Me.

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